The Work

The Ketel One Modern Craft Project has announced its 10 shortlisted finalists, Next month, the winner of the Ketel One legacy will walk away with $100,000 to use to take their craft to the next level. But the question is, who will this be?

Public voting has now closed!

But remember, the public vote only makes up part of the final vote. The decision is also in the hands of the Ketel One expert judging panel Nick Palumbo of Gelato Messina, Lucy Folk of Lucy Folk Jewellery and Christian Condo of the Modern Motor Cycle Company as well as Bob Nolet of the Ketel One family. 

Details regarding the public displays of shortlisted works across Sydney and Melbourne bars will follow soon.


Andrew Simpson

Andrew specialises in building wooden boats. In spite of advances of technology and modern materials like fibreglass, there are dedicated fans of the craft…

See more > Votes received: 107 Andrew Simpson -

Ben Wahrlich

Ben has created a range of bespoke homewares, Kasa, with products individually hand crafted from concrete. Each piece has been hand mixed and hand cast, ensuring…

See more > Votes received: 251 Ben Wahrlich -

Helen Bird

Helen has worked to transform the humble food bike/cart into a modern day object of functional beauty. She has been inspired by her world travels, seeing small-scale,…

See more > Votes received: 403 Helen Bird -

Hugh Altschwager

Hugh has worked to develop a way to turn the natural material of limestone into various lighting fixtures, with a view to launching a range of products under…

See more > Votes received: 242 Hugh Altschwager -

Jess Cameron-Wootten

Jess is a second-generation cordwainer, following in the foot-steps of his father. Cordwaining is an old word for shoemaker, traditionally distinct from a…

See more > Votes received: 1846 Jess Cameron-Wootten -

Joshua Bahen

Bahen & Co is a craft bean to bar maker of single origin chocolate, sourcing beans direct from growers for the best heirloom varieties available. The process…

See more > Votes received: 375 Joshua Bahen -

Joshua Dowling

Joshua has developed a range of hand built surfboards, in response to a lack of craftsmanship and innovation in modern manufacturing, aiming to bring the sport…

See more > Votes received: 990 Joshua Dowling -

Kellie Bright

Kellie combines the materials and techniques of 18th century perfumery craft, with contemporary aromatics using cutting edge innovation and extraction techniques,…

See more > Votes received: 304 Kellie Bright -

Megan Nielsen

Megan designs a line of fashion forward sewing patterns. Megan believes that for too long, sewing has been considered a forgotten and out-dated craft. Traditional…

See more > Votes received: 535 Megan Nielsen -

Paul Kaptein

Paul's craft is woodcarving, a centuries old tradition. In his practice, Paul explores the aesthetics of transience through notions of remix and emptiness…

See more > Votes received: 115 Paul Kaptein -