Ketel One Legacy

Ketel One Legacy 

“A desire to leave a mark upon the world is part of human nature.  Some people achieve this through their children, others through their work or art, a business or an altruistic act. Having grown up in and around our family distillery, I am deeply aware of the importance of creating a legacy.  Our family values live on in the quality of the vodka we produce – and it’s something I am confident will continue for many generations to come.” 

(Bob Nolet, 11th generation Nolet Family)

With Ketel One now enjoyed by discerning drinkers the world over, we created the Modern Craft Project to celebrate our commitment to modern craft. Our aim is to share shining examples of modern craft with a wider audience and support modern craftsmen through the innovative Ketel One Legacy.

How it works

Inspired to take part? Interested in global exposure and a chance to win a cash prize from the Ketel One Legacy prize fund? The first step is to complete an entry form, including images and/or film from your portfolio that show how you blend modernity and heritage.

From all the entries, our national panel will choose a shortlist of modern craftsmen to pass over to our global experts – and to exhibit, both online and as part of an exciting multi-media exhibition. Taking into account votes from the public, our global experts will then decide the ultimate winning recipients of the Ketel One Legacy.

A modern craftsman defined

A modern craftsman defined

"A man or woman that utilises ergonomic tools, meticulous, slow and sure disciplines and traditional techniques but employing, say, modern materials and a contemporary sensibility. The expertise of his hand, the keen-ness of his eye and his attention to detail is subtly evident in every piece of work.”

(Simon Mills - Wallpaper* Bespoke Editor)

In our opinion, a modern craftsman is someone who builds upon the past to create something unmistakeably contemporary. Someone who wants to push their work and their craft further and establish a legacy of their own.

“Every idea owes a debt to those that went before it. The modern craftsman’s genius is in making his work feel truly new.”

(Carolus Nolet Snr)

He or she may innovate with contemporary materials or harness new technology. They might have the ability to develop work commercially without compromising its authenticity. They could inspire us to look at a traditional craft with fresh eyes. Whatever it is, their work will be a unique, contemporary and creative take on more traditional techniques. 

Shortlisted craftsmen

Those shortlisted can look forward to fantastic global exposure and recognition from the international creative community. This starts online, with both craftsmen and their portfolios featured in our showcase and continues in our public exhibition.

There is also a coveted place in our online Modern Craft Directory – a unique go-to guide for people, galleries, groups and corporations looking for contemporary craftsmen to work with.

Once on the shortlist, we would like craftsmen to help us promote their work – by providing images and film, encouraging peers and colleagues to vote and share, featuring in our Exhibition and Directory, and helping us with the details we need to bring the Directory entries to life.

Recipients of the Ketel One Legacy

From our shortlist, we will also select between 1 up to 3 modern craftsmen to win a share of the valuable Ketel One Legacy prize fund. This provides financial support designed to help them further their work and vision and devote new energy to their craft.

Our aim is to let the nation follow our Legacy recipients over the next year, telling the story of their work and showing how a share of the Legacy has helped them develop their craft.

Building on this, we would love something truly unique to come out of the project. So we will also invite recipients to collaborate with us on a bespoke piece of work inspired by Ketel One. The brief will be open but the finished piece could be something that enhances the display, preparation or serving of drinks, or that celebrates the unique process we go through to produce our vodka.

How are entrants selected?

Entries are open on 1st October 2012. Our national expert panel will then use their professional and aesthetic judgement to shortlist entrants as explained in the terms and conditions.

With the shortlist in place we will take feedback from the global creative community in the form of votes, comments and discussions. After this, the global panel will sit and choose the beneficiaries of the Ketel One Legacy based on the following criteria:

  • Proven skills in the chosen craft and quality of past work and portfolio (25%)
  • Work that showcases modern craftsmanship (25%)
  • The creative vision for putting the Ketel One Legacy to good use (35%)
  • Outcome of the online public vote (15%)

Please see the full terms and conditions for more details about how the entrants will be selected.

Meet the global panel

Bob Nolet
Bob Nolet
Ketel One™ vodka, 11th Generation Distiller and Executive Vice President, Nolet Distillery

Some of Bob Nolet’s earliest memories are of the 19th century Distilleerketel #1 (Ketel is derived from Distilleerketel # 1, a Dutch word meaning pot still). At weekends he used to accompany his father into work, and marvel at the fire, heat and light that radiated from the copper pot still.  Since then, his passion for the creation of Ketel One vodkahas only intensified.

An entrepreneur at heart with an expertise in economics and marketing to match, Bob Nolet went on to learn the family business from ground level up. Today, he is described as the true soul of the brand, responsible for the family distillery and ensuring that quality precedes all else.

Tony Chambers
Tony Chambers
Editor-in-Chief Wallpaper* Magazine 

Tony Chambers has been Editor-in-Chief of Wallpaper* since 2007, after joining the magazine as Creative Director in January 2003.  Whilst at Wallpaper*, Tony has overseen a highly respected re-design of the magazine, which has seen it attracting some of the world’s most exciting and talented photographers and illustrators to contribute. 

Prior to Wallpaper*, he had been Art Director at Condé Nast’s flagship male lifestyle title, British GQ Magazine for six years. During that period he also acted as a creative consultant on other International Condé Nast titles.  Before this, Tony was Art Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine. 

Tony has twice received the title Art Director of the Year at the prestigious Periodical Publishers Association Awards. He picked up the award for New Editor of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors in 2008 and this year was named Editor of the Year for Lifestyle Magazines.

Jeremy Lindley
Jeremy Lindley
Global Design Director, Diageo

Jeremy is responsible for design across drinks manufacturer Diageo’s current brands and new products worldwide. This portfolio includes some 40-plus brands, including iconic names like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Talisker, Guinness and Baileys. Recent projects have included the redesign of key Johnnie Walker products Blue Label and Black Label; and the launch of The John Walker, a tribute to the founder of the brand retailing for over £2,500.

Jeremy is passionate about the way design can connect on an emotional level with consumers and about consistently delivering the highest standards of ideas and execution. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and is active in a number of Design Industry bodies. 

Key dates for the Modern Craft Project

  • Entries open on 1st October 2012
  • Entries close at 30th November 2012
  • Shortlist of craftsmen announced on 16th December 2012
  • Voting begins on 16th December 2012
  • Voting closes on 15th January 2013
  • Modern Craft Project Exhibition runs on March 7th and 8th 2013 in London 
  • Legacy winning recipients will be announced at the final exhibition in London on March 7th. 
  • Global Modern Craft Directory launches (dates coming soon)


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