The Work

The Shortlist Has Been Selected

Our expert panel has undertaken a huge but hugely enjoyable task when it comes to reviewing the work. They have shortlisted 10 craftsmen from the UK. 

Their aim is to shortlist entrants whose work lives and breathes modern craftsmanship. After that, we will be asking you to show your support for the entrant who, in your opinion, best demonstrates the collision of traditional craft and modernity.

Your votes will ultimately help us decide which modern craftsmen receive a share of the Ketel One Legacy prize fund.

Voting will be open until February 18 2013. 

You can only vote once so think carefully about who you vote for.


Bethan Wood

Bethan Laura Wood’s work is about combining the materials of the modern city with the Baroque marquetry technique.


See more > Votes received: 314 Bethan Wood - Marquetry

Callum G Robinson

Callum G Robinson gets his inspiration from architectural forms and fuses traditional cabinet making and leather working…

See more > Votes received: 314 Callum G Robinson - Furniture Makers

David Adrian Smith

David Adrian Smith makes ornate gilded and silvered mirrors and reverses glass advertising for London Pubs.


See more > Votes received: 373 David Adrian Smith - Sign Writer and Glass Embosser

Hilda Hellström

Traditionally stone is shaped by carving, Hilda Hellström though shapes stones through casting by making use of the relatively…

See more > Votes received: 1286 Hilda Hellström - Stone Casting

Hitomi Hosono

Hitomi Hosono is inspired by leafs and flower sprigs, adapts and interprets them in her ceramic work.

The Ketel One…

See more > Votes received: 64 Hitomi Hosono - Ceramic Designer

John Galvin

John Galvin uses traditional cabinet-making techniques and the best of contemporary design to produce unique pieces with…

See more > Votes received: 1899 John Galvin -

Kathryn Hinton

Kathryn Hinton is using a unique method of working, digital hammer technology, which enables her to create these unique pieces…

See more > Votes received: 306 Kathryn Hinton - Silversmithing

Laura West

Laura West is driven by her fascination with the evolution of historic binding styles and structures…

See more > Votes received: 390 Laura West - Bookbinding

Sarah Williams

Each item of Sarah Williams’ collection “Crafted Fashion” is produced by hand. The aim is to produce a collection…

See more > Votes received: 1229 Sarah Williams - Handcrafted Leather Goods

Thomas Hooper

Thomas Hooper tries to give this age-old art form a modern context, his work is influenced by the sanctum of nature…

See more > Votes received: 375 Thomas Hooper - Tattooing