Responsible Drinking


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This website is run by Diageo. We are a member of many industry-funded organisations that promote responsible drinking and discourage alcohol misuse. Some examples of these are listed below with links to their websites.

Country/region Organisation Website
Australia Drinkwise
Canada Educ'alcool
Czech Republic Forum-psr
Denmark GODA
European Union The European Forum for Responsible Drinking
France Entreprise et Prevention
Hungary Hungarian Association for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (HAFRAC)
Ireland MEAS – Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society
Ireland DrinkAware (Ireland)
Malta The Sense Group
Mexico FISAC
Netherlands STIVA
South Africa ARA
Spain Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad
Taiwan Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum
United Kingdom The Portman Group
United Kingdom DrinkAware (UK)
United States The Century Council