The Work

The Shortlist Has Been Selected

Our expert panel has undertaken a huge but hugely enjoyable task when it comes to reviewing the work. They have shortlisted 10 craftsmen from the US.

Their aim is to shortlist entrants whose work lives and breathes modern craftsmanship. After that, our Global panel of experts will select three entrants from the shortlist to receive the Ketel One Legacy prize fund.

Fund Recipients

John Pomp

John Pomp studied the ancient art of Venetian glass blowing for 20 years and has been applying this old-world art in a simple, yet modern way. Johns philosophy to creating his pieces is very nature…

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Magda Sayeg

Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta, began by taking knitting out of the home and into the streets. The simple juxtaposition of this woven material placed within an urban environment has inspired a new…

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Paul Cunningham

My name is Paul Cunningham and my craft is leather sporting goods.
My designs appear nostalgic, but they are made from the finest leather, using modern construction techniques. I rely on an array…

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Brandon Griswold

I print letterpress posters, books, cards, and notebooks. While the craft itself is quite old, it is going through a renaissance and becoming modern in its application.…

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David Okum

David Okum is a product and furniture designer that founded his studio in 2011. Okum believes in a hands-on approach of experimentation in materials and processes to…

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Frederick Bouchardy

My craft involves the design and production of fragrances and scented products. I strive to combine beauty, innovation, mystery, texture, infusing the aesthetic and ethos…

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Kari Morris

Morris Kitchen aims to revive an old practice in the modern culinary world. Blending and bottling syrups is my way of exploring both food and aesthetic. Syrup is traditionally…

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Mark Lewis

Each layer of our paired chocolate truffles is, on its own, rich with flavor – a luscious escape from the ordinary. When paired together, the distinctive experience…

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Michael Lastrina

I developed a patent pending method for printing images directly onto wood. My wood printing craft is similar to a tattoo process where the ink is actually infused into…

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Stuart Fingerhut

My work is guided by investigations in the digital craft movement – how new digital production methods can profoundly change traditional craft design. Through these…

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