Introducing the Modern Craft Project

Traditional craftsmanship has always been about passing expertise and skills down to the next generation. But it is only when tradition meets inspiration that something truly new is born, the embodiment of modern craft.

We are on a quest to find contemporary craftsmen who bring traditional skills into the modern day. We are looking for modern craftsmen who want to take their work, their careers, themselves further. People keen to establish a legacy of their own.

Up for grabs is the chance to feature in a high-profile Modern Craft Exhibition and be included in a unique Modern Craft Directory.

The Work

“A desire to leave a mark upon the world is part of human nature. Some people achieve this through their children, others through their work or art, a business or an altruistic act. Having grown up in and around our family distillery, I am deeply aware of the importance of creating a legacy. Our family values live on in the quality of the vodka we produce – and it’s something I am confident will continue for many generations to come.”

- Bob Nolet, 11th generation Nolet Family

Am 12. September wurde die Eröffnung von 19 Greek Street gefeiert

Extravagente 5 Panels Von Larose

Tobias Wistisen ist ein Silbermeister

Lerne unser Panel kennen

Empfohlen von den Britische Jury: Beispiele für Modern Craftsmen

Empfohlen von der Deutsche Jury: Beispiele für Modern Craftsmen

Featured Craftsmen

In the spotlight...

Der deutsche Modern Craftman

Handwerkskollaboration #1 mit INSA in Amsterdam

Magnus Mewes - Möbeldesigner

Chrish & Jenny Klose

Sheryl & Lukasz Leysner & Miller - Produkt Design

Milena A. K. Kling - Glaskunst

Uniic Team - Tischlerei

Megan Nielsen

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