Magda Sayeg

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Magda Sayeg

Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta, began by taking knitting out of the home and into the streets. The simple juxtaposition of this woven material placed within an urban environment has inspired a new generation of knitters who no longer view function as the sole purpose for knitting. This new approach to knitting questions the assumptions of a traditional craft while adding a previously unused material to the world of street art.

When Magda Sayeg began Knitta in 2005, it was her response to the dehumanizing qualities of an urban environment. By inserting handmade art in a landscape of concrete and steel, she adds a human quality that otherwise rarely exists. Knitta represents the present energy coming from knitting and more extensively weaving, while giving a nod to its powerful history. Her work has been recognized for its influence in street art as well as the craft of knitting. Magda Sayeg is based in Austin, Texas.

I continue to explore this craft  by stretching the boundaries of weaving. This sometimes becomes challenging when I am faced with the need for financial support . In my current situation I believe a need  for "seed money"  is what is missing in order to work on prototypes which may include the assistance of people with greater knowledge in the fields of metal work, lighting design, and overall industrial design. Creating a relationship.... furthermore a collaboration with industries,not traditionally known to be associated with knitting and crocheting is where I see the path that will lead to placing this craft in a level with modern design as opposed to staying confined to its domestic existence.

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