John Pomp

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John Pomp
John Pomp Studios

John Pomp studied the ancient art of Venetian glass blowing for 20 years and has been applying this old-world art in a simple, yet modern way. Johns philosophy to creating his pieces is very nature inspired, utilizing their inherent organic qualities to create a "Wabi-sabi" aesthetic taken from his Asian heritage and mixed with his modernist, Western background to form a deconstructionist, contemporary approach.

John Pomp will utilize the winnings from the Ketel One Legacy prize fund to construct and fine-tune a new piece of glass equipment, built with the intention to help innovate a new technique to create pieces for a new series of work. This piece of equipment that the winnings would help to fund will be a custom glass kiln, heated to 1200°F, where hot molten glass would be carefully poured onto a structure and would assist in nurturing gravity and heat to create cascading, melting, icicle-like forms. These forms would be used as components to his artistic lighting fixtures as well as a new and innovative technique that has never been seen or used in the industry before.

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