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Sydney’s Ketel One Modern Craft Project Bar Tour


Three of Sydney’s finest bars were featured in our recent special Ketel One Modern Craft Project Bar Tour. A celebration of the Modern Craft Project, guests were able to meet with our specially selected expert judging panel and 11th generation distiller Bob Nolet to learn more whilst enjoying drinks that gave the bartenders the chance to demonstrate their very own modern craft. Read on to see what unique Ketel One serves Grasshopper, Gardel’s Bar and Longrain treated our guests to.

Grasshopper’s Ketel One Vodka Tonic Gimlet

Grasshopper is a local neighbourhood bar and eating house hidden in a side alleyway in the heart of the Sydney CBD.


— 30ml Ketel One

— 15ml Lime Syrup

— 20ml Tonic Water

— Lime zest to garnish

Combine the Ketel One, lime syrup, tonic water, stir and serve straight up into a jam jar with no ice. Garnish with a lime zest and serve instantly.

(1 standard drink)

Gardel’s Bar De Valle

This Surry Hills hideaway, perched above Porteno, exudes a speakeasy vibe. The cocktails marry old school spirit with new techniques and the 1950s style waitresses pop out against the classic wooden bar.


— 45ml Ketel One

— 15ml Tio Pepe Fino sherry

— 20ml fresh lemon juice

— 10ml orgeat

— 6 tarragon leaves Add all ingredients into shaker.

Shake briskly with ice and fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

(2 standard drinks)

Longrain’s Ketel One Red Dragon

Longrain is an award winning restaurant and bar set in a Manhattan-style warehouse in the heart of Surry Hills.


— 15ml raspberries

— 1 coriander root, cleaned

— 15ml sugar syrup

— 45ml chilli infused Ketel One

— 15ml crème de pêche

— 30ml cranberry juice Muddle the raspberries, coriander root and sugar syrup in a short glass.

Add the ice, spirits and juice, then shake vigorously with a cocktail shaker and pour back into the glass.

(2 standard drinks)

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