Jess Cameron-Wootten

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Jess Cameron-Wootten

Jess is a second-generation cordwainer, following in the foot-steps of his father. Cordwaining is an old word for shoemaker, traditionally distinct from a cobbler. Originating In England around a thousand years ago, a cordwainer was an artisan who made fine leather products, mostly footwear. Jess' aim is to bring this traditional craft into the modern era. After studying shoe-making at RMIT, Jess launched his company Wootten™, an innovative studio crafting bespoke footwear with an increasing profile in the design community. Jess aims to take the time-honoured craft of the cordwainer from its traditional roots and give it contemporary relevance. 

In response to mass produced footwear, Jess seeks to perfect the quality of finish when a product is made by hand, a result unattainable by a machine. Wootten produces, by hand, some of the world's highest performance cycling footwear, meticulously finished orthopaedic footwear and first-class bespoke shoes that stay true to traditional styles and quality with a contemporary edge.